I've called them "scribbles" 'course i made them quite quick and tried don't be to picky on details. Each of them (except the pillow, which is an older work) just took me not more then 2-3 hours. But just have a look yourself ...

Best wishes


Whistle Snake
(length: ca 43cm)

Happy Pillow
(hight: ca 28cm)

Excited Evil
(hight: ca 40cm)

(hight: ca 35cm)

(hight: ca 32cm)

Olli Bird

Olli Bird ... whistling and with flapping wings ... thx nic for the pictures!
(potter's clay - height: 15cm)

new one

(2007, Height: 30cm)

series "dark side"

"primal fear"
(2006, Lenght: 40cm)

a try giving duality a shape
(2006, Lenght: 40cm)

"love's blind"
(2006, Height: 25cm)

"little butter-fly"
(2006, Lenght: 1,20m)

(2006, Height: 38cm)

"breath big"
(2006, Height: 30cm)

(2006, Height: 20cm)

These are not all pieces of the series. I made about 20 in 2 months and i'm currently still looking for an exihibitor. All black photos are made by my friend Niculai Constantinescu.

Character Designs

"Felipe" (2005, Height: 18cm)
Design for Shortfilm-Character

"Super-Action-Mann" (2005, Height: 20cm)
Design for Shortfilm-Character

"Monkey" (2004, Height: 8cm)
my very first scuplture